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How to maintain the vacuum sealing machine

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Vacuum sealing machine (vacuum packaging machine) maintenance of the core is the maintenance of vacuum pumps, so we call the vacuum pump maintenance. Vacuum pump maintenance specific points below 6 points

1, replace the exhaust filter

If the pump temperature is significantly increased, the motor current reaches or exceeds the rated current, the pump exhaust port is generated, you should check the exhaust filter is blocked, such as plugging, should be replaced. Can be at the pump hole

Install the exhaust pressure gauge to check if the filter is clogged. The exhaust filter can be replaced when the pressure exceeds 0.6 bar (gauge pressure).

2, replace the vacuum pump oil and oil filter

If the oil is contaminated and blackened, emulsified or thickened should be changed in time. Oil change should be replaced at the same time. And clean the pump before adding new oil.

Cleaning, oil changing steps:
(32 ordinary mechanical oil) to the oil window height of 3/4; running vacuum pump 5- 10 minutes; stop the pump, put the oil

Out. Such as the release of the oil is still relatively turbid, fail to meet the requirements, repeat 3,4 steps, until the release of oil was transparent; spin on the oil discharge operation 5-10 seconds; the oil release; into the provisions of the new oil that can.

3, vacuum pump oil

XD, XQ series vacuum pump should use the composite SH0528-92 standard vacuum pump oil. Ambient temperature at 0 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ when using ISO-

VG32 Viscosity grade vacuum pump oil. Ambient temperature at 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ using ISO-VG100 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil (for the original 1 #

Vacuum pump oil).

Vacuum pump operation must keep the oil level in the window height of 1/2 to 3/4. Should always check the oil level and oil pollution (recommended every time


4, clean suction filter

The suction filter should be kept clean to avoid pumping speed.

5, storage

If the pump is left unused for a long time, the oil should be drained and the pump is cleaned and then the specified new oil is placed in a dry place.

6, other

If you need to order spare parts, please tell the pump model and machine number can be found on the pump nameplate.

Due to some maintenance and repair work requires some professional knowledge, equipment and special tools, please contact the manufacturer.

Pumping should ensure that no oil. Can not hit tubing, oil filters and other objects.

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